High Quality Education

All courses follow the CAPS curriculum and maintain the highest standard.
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Interactive Video Lessons

Video lessons are fun & visually stimulating making them easy to understand.
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Fun Quizzes & games

Quizzes & games help ensure students understand each concept properly
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Study Skills Masterclass

Enroll in our Study Skills Masterclass and we’ll teach your child the most effective study techniques to suit their unique learning style!

Why choose us

Enhance your child's learning at home! Our courses are structured to make it easy for students to master any concept and improve their grades at school.

Fun, visually stimulating video lessons.

Our online video lessons are visually stimulating and practical. In addition, our lessons are short enough in order to accommodate learners who struggle with prolonged attention.

Intervention Lessons

As part of your course, you will also have access to intervention lessons during scheduled school holidays that will help strengthen student's understanding and retention of the material.

Parent-teacher interactions

We aim to bridge the gap between home and school. Our active parent-teacher interactions is our way of making sure that you are involved in every part of your child’s educational journey.

Fun Quizzes

To ensure that students retain information successfully, we have introduced various quizzes and interactive games throughout the lessons to keep it fun and educational.

Live Zoom Classes

Scheduled on certain days accordingly to the academic year, we will be scheduling live Zoom lessons where students will be able to join and participate in real-time.

Best Value for your money

For just R149 you get lifetime access to a full term's work based on the CAPS curriculum. And courses are regularly updated and maintained to ensure you get the best quality material and lessons

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